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Hape Ratling Rings Teether Safe Rice-Based Infant Toy with Rattling Rings for Sensory Stimulation and Teething Relief


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  • Safe Rice-Based Material: Crafted from a secure rice-based material, ensuring your baby's safety during play and teething exploration.
  • Interactive Sensory Stimulation: Features three movable rattling rings that engage and stimulate sensory awareness, fostering early cognitive development.
  • Teething Relief: Includes a dedicated teether ring, providing soothing relief for teething discomfort and promoting healthy oral development.
  • Designed for All Ages: Suitable for infants aged 0 months and above, offering a versatile and engaging toy for various stages of early childhood.
  • Happy Face Design: The teether's joyful face design adds an extra element of cheer, making playtime enjoyable and encouraging a positive association with teething experiences.

Introducing the Hape Ratling Rings Teether, a safe and delightful infant toy made from a secure rice-based material. Designed for babies aged 0 months and above, this teether features a happy face with three movable rattling rings that enhance sensory awareness. Additionally, the teether ring provides relief for teething discomfort, promoting healthy oral development. Make playtime enjoyable and developmental with this versatile and engaging toy.

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