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Hip/Knee Equipment Kit Reacher 32 Inch Length - Complete Mobility Solution

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  • Comprehensive Kit: This kit includes essential tools for individuals with hip or knee restrictions, offering a complete solution for enhanced daily living.
  • Long-Handled Bath Sponge: Enjoy extended reach and independence during bathing, thanks to the included long-handled bath sponge for a comfortable and thorough clean.
  • Polyethylene Stocking Aid: Easily put on socks or stockings with the assistance of the polyethylene stocking aid, promoting self-sufficiency in dressing routines.
  • Folding Hand-Held Reacher (26 inches): The folding hand-held reacher provides extended reach for grabbing objects, eliminating the need for unnecessary bending or stretching.
  • Convenient Accessories: Additional accessories like the plastic shoe horn and black elastic shoe laces make getting dressed hassle-free, enhancing overall mobility and convenience.

Empower yourself with the Hip/Knee Equipment Kit Reacher - a 32-inch length mobility solution designed for individuals with hip or knee restrictions. This comprehensive kit includes a long-handled bath sponge, polyethylene stocking aid, folding hand-held reacher (26 inches), plastic shoe horn, and black elastic shoe laces. Experience enhanced daily living with these thoughtfully curated tools that promote independence and convenience in your daily routines.