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Hot Focus Flamingo Secret Passcode Journal Set with Pom Pom Pen and Decorative Accessories


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  • Secure and Stylish: Keep your thoughts under lock and key with the passcode-protected journal, featuring a vibrant flamingo design for added flair.
  • Playful Pom Pom Pen: Write in style with the included pom pom pen, combining functionality with a touch of whimsy.
  • Creative Customization: Elevate your journaling experience with two rolls of washi tape and a sheet of stickers, allowing you to personalize each page with trendy designs and decorative elements.
  • Nail Art for Extra Fun: Unleash your creativity beyond paper with a sheet of nail stickers, adding a unique and artistic touch to your journaling routine.
  • Organizational Essential: The set is completed with a handy paper clip, keeping your pages neat and organized in this all-inclusive Hot Focus Tape Art Secret Passcode Journal Set.

Unlock creativity and secure your thoughts with the Hot Focus Flamingo Secret Passcode Journal Set. This all-inclusive kit features a passcode-protected journal with a vibrant flamingo design, a playful pom pom pen for stylish writing, and creative accessories including two rolls of washi tape, a sheet of stickers, nail stickers, and a paper clip. Elevate your journaling experience with this trendy and functional set that combines security with a touch of artistic expression.

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