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Innovative Adult Walker with Foldable Design and 5" Wheels for Enhanced Mobility


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  • Effortless Folding: Seamlessly fold and store the Clever-Lite LS with the dual lever side paddle release, making it incredibly easy to manage and transport.
  • Safety First: Rear Glide Push Down Brakes provide secure control, ensuring stability and confidence for users, with a weight capacity of up to 300lbs.
  • Versatile Seating: The flip-up seat, coupled with a built-in carry handle, allows users to comfortably sit when needed and conveniently transport the walker wherever they go.
  • Adaptable Design: Transition from seated to traditional walker mode by raising the seat, providing flexibility and accommodating individual preferences seamlessly.
  • Customizable Height: With an adjustable height range of 29-1/2 to 39 inches, the Clever-Lite LS caters to users of various heights, promoting ergonomic support for a comfortable walking experience.

Introducing the Clever-Lite LS Adult Walker with Foldable 5" Wheels – a fusion of convenience and safety. Effortlessly fold and store the walker with the dual lever side paddle release. The rear glide push down brakes ensure stability, and the versatile flip-up seat with a built-in carry handle adds comfort and portability. Adaptable design allows users to switch between seated and traditional walker modes, while the adjustable height range caters to individual preferences. Embrace mobility with the Clever-Lite LS, your companion for a secure and flexible walking experience.

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