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Interactive Pretend & Play Cash Register Educational Toy with Solar Calculator and Life-Size Money

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  • Educational Excellence: Award-winning cash register designed to foster early math and calculator skills through engaging play.

  • Solar Calculator Feature: Built-in solar-powered calculator introduces children to basic math concepts while being environmentally friendly.

  • Realistic Money Handling: Enhance understanding of currency denomination with life-size pretend bills and plastic coins; promote tactile and visual learning.

  • Interactive 'Cha-Ching' Sound: Large, easy-to-press buttons on the keypad and a cash drawer that makes a satisfying 'cha-ching' sound for an immersive play experience.

  • Comprehensive Learning: Aligns with Common Core State Standards for Measurement & Data, covering skills such as addition, subtraction, place value, and more. Ideal for visual and tactile learners, promoting fine motor skills and problem-solving.

Introduce your child to the world of numbers and money with our Interactive Pretend & Play Cash Register. This award-winning educational toy is the perfect addition to any make-believe store, providing a fun and engaging way to develop fundamental math and calculator skills. The built-in solar calculator not only teaches basic arithmetic but also instills an early appreciation for eco-friendly practices. With life-size pretend bills, plastic coins, and a realistic cash drawer that emits a satisfying 'cha-ching' sound, children will delight in hands-on learning about currency denomination and basic arithmetic operations. This comprehensive learning tool goes beyond the basics, aligning with Common Core State Standards for Measurement & Data. It caters to visual and tactile learning styles, promoting fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, and sequential thought. The set includes a solar-powered cash register, 30 actual-size pretend bills, 40 plastic coins, 1 pretend credit card, and an activity guide to maximize the learning experience. Measuring 10.5 inches in length, 9.5 inches in width, and 5.5 inches in height, this Interactive Pretend & Play Cash Register is the perfect educational companion for your child's developmental journey.