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IT'S A BOY" 8PC BALLOON SET Blue and Silver Balloons for Perfect Baby Shower Celebration

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  • Complete Balloon Ensemble: Celebrate the arrival of a baby boy with our "IT'S A BOY" 8PC BALLOON SET, including 2PC blue balloons, 3PC silver confetti balloons, 1PC heart-shaped blue foil balloon, 1PC star-shaped blue foil balloon, and a 1PC printed foil balloon declaring "IT'S A BABY BOY."
  • Premium Quality Balloons: Crafted with care, our 12" blue and silver confetti balloons, along with the special-shaped foil balloons, add an elegant touch to your baby shower decor.
  • Charming Designs: Enhance the festive atmosphere with the heart-shaped and star-shaped blue foil balloons, creating a whimsical and joyful ambiance for the baby shower celebration.
  • Announcement Foil Balloon: The 18" printed foil balloon proudly declares "IT'S A BABY BOY," serving as a delightful and eye-catching centerpiece for the celebration.
  • Convenient Setup: Each set comes complete with a 20ft ribbon and straw, ensuring hassle-free and easy inflation, so you can focus on creating memorable moments during the baby shower.

Announce the joyous arrival of a baby boy in style with our "IT'S A BOY" 8PC BALLOON SET. This complete ensemble features a charming array of blue and silver balloons, including heart and star-shaped foils, and a printed foil proudly declaring "IT'S A BABY BOY." Crafted with premium quality, these balloons add an elegant touch to your baby shower decor. The set comes with a 20ft ribbon and straw for convenient setup, ensuring that your celebration is as stress-free as it is joyful. Create lasting memories with this delightful balloon set designed for the perfect baby shower.