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Cardinal Health

Kangaroo ePump ENPlus 1000 mL DEHP-Free PVC Enteral Feeding Pump Spike Set with Bag (30/CS)


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  • Advanced Safety Design: The Kangaroo ePump ENPlus Spike Set features an anti free-flow feature, preventing the unintended flow of solution if the set becomes disconnected, ensuring patient safety.
  • DEHP-Free PVC Construction: Crafted from DEHP-free PVC, this set prioritizes patient well-being by eliminating harmful plasticizers, providing a safe solution for enteral feeding.
  • Optimal 1000 mL Capacity: With a generous 1000 mL capacity, this set accommodates diverse enteral nutrition needs, offering versatility for healthcare professionals.
  • Integrated Pump Compatibility: Tailored for use with the Kangaroo ePump, this spike set seamlessly integrates with the pump, providing a reliable and efficient enteral feeding solution.
  • Bulk Convenience: Packaged in sets of 30, the Kangaroo ePump ENPlus Spike Set offers healthcare facilities the convenience of bulk availability, streamlining enteral feeding management.

Enhance patient safety with the Kangaroo ePump ENPlus Spike Set, featuring an anti free-flow design to prevent unintended solution flow. Crafted from DEHP-free PVC, this set ensures safety in enteral feeding. With a 1000 mL capacity, integrated pump compatibility, and convenient packs of 30, it provides a versatile and efficient solution for healthcare professionals.

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