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Kleenex Cottonelle Professional Toilet Tissue White, 2-Ply Standard Size, 451 Sheets, Case of 60 Pieces


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  • Bulk Supply for Businesses: Cottonelle Professional Toilet Paper, with 60 pieces per case, is an ideal choice for businesses such as retail, offices, hospitality, and restaurants, ensuring a continuous and reliable supply.
  • Universal Dispenser Compatibility: Designed to fit in universal standard bath tissue roll dispensers, this toilet paper provides convenience and flexibility for different restroom setups, making it a versatile option.
  • Hygienic and Individually Wrapped: Each standard roll is individually wrapped, ensuring hygiene and protection until it's ready for use. Conveniently packaged in cases of 60 for extended use and easy storage.
  • EPA Certified and FSC Approved: This premium toilet paper meets EPA minimum standards, is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), and contains 25% recycled fiber (RF) content, making it an environmentally responsible choice for businesses.
  • Optimal Dimensions: Each sheet measures 4 x 4.09 inches, providing a practical size for effective and comfortable use, ensuring a satisfying experience for users.

Ensure a premium restroom experience with "Kleenex Cottonelle Professional Toilet Tissue." This case of 60 pieces is designed for businesses, providing a bulk supply for continuous use. Compatible with universal dispensers, it offers convenience for various restroom setups. Individually wrapped for hygiene, the rolls come in cases of 60 for extended use and easy storage. Certified by EPA and FSC, and containing 25% recycled fiber, it is an eco-conscious choice for environmentally responsible businesses. With optimal dimensions (4 x 4.09 inches), Cottonelle Professional Toilet Tissue guarantees a satisfying and comfortable experience for users.

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