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Lavender Elegance Amenity Hair Conditioner Travel Size (1.0 fl oz)

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  • Friction-Free Vitality: Combat combing friction while enhancing the luster and volume of your hair with our Lavender-infused Amenity Hair Conditioner.
  • Natural Nourishment: Crafted with a fusion of natural oils, proteins, and vitamins, this conditioner provides the essential care your hair needs for a stunning appearance.
  • Avocado Infusion: Immerse your hair in the richness of avocado oil, ensuring deep nourishment and a touch of natural radiance.
  • Silk Smooth Finish: With silk proteins, this conditioner not only decreases flyaways but also leaves your hair luxuriously smooth and manageable.
  • On-the-Go Beauty: Weighing just 1.0 fl oz, this travel-sized companion ensures your hair stays beautiful wherever your journey takes you.

Unveil the beauty of your hair with our Lavender Elegance Amenity Hair Conditioner. Packed with natural oils, proteins, and vitamins, including the richness of avocado oil and silk proteins, this travel-sized wonder (1.0 fl oz) diminishes combing friction, decreases flyaways, and ensures your hair is ready for any adventure with a touch of elegance.