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Learning Resources Counting Surprise Party Educational Toy for Counting, Colors, and Fine Motor Skills

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  • Interactive Learning: Experience the joy of unboxing surprise presents while developing essential skills in counting, colors, and fine motor abilities.
  • Diverse Surprises: From a little blue robot to a high-flying plane, the Counting Surprise Party offers 10 manipulative-style gifts, providing a variety of engaging learning experiences.
  • Fine Motor Skill Development: Wrapping and unwrapping presents contribute to the development of fine motor skills, fostering coordination and dexterity in young learners.
  • Color and Number Recognition: Sort toys by the colors on the boxes, count the stack of presents, or match dots on present lids with numerals on the boxes—promoting comprehensive color and number recognition.
  • Versatile Play: Extend the learning fun beyond counting and colors by using the presents for imaginative games of hide and seek or as whimsical additions to pretend play and stuffed animal birthday parties.

Unveil a world of learning and surprises with the LEARNING RESOURCES Counting Surprise Party. This delightful educational toy invites children to explore counting and color skills through the excitement of unboxing surprise presents. Each colorful numbered box contains a manipulative-style gift, ranging from a little blue robot to a high-flying plane and a friendly teddy bear—10 surprises in total. As little ones wrap and rewrap their presents, they not only enhance fine motor skills but also develop proficiency in color and number recognition.