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Magic Mesh

MAGIC MESH DELUXE Hands-Free Screen Door The Original Magnetic Door Seen on TV!

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  • Effortless Entry and Exit: MAGIC MESH DELUXE opens and closes behind you, providing a hands-free solution for easy passage. Perfect for when your hands are full, making it convenient for daily use.
  • Versatile Compatibility: This magnetic screen door is designed to fit various door types - front, rear, interior, exterior, entry, patio, deck, porch, balcony, glass, garage, and sliding doors. A versatile solution for your home.
  • Strong & Seal: Crafted with powerful magnets and heavy-duty mesh, MAGIC MESH DELUXE ensures a strong seal and closure. The strategically lined 18 magnets in the middle seam make it easy to open while maintaining an effective barrier against insects.
  • Easy Installation: No tools needed! The package includes everything for a hassle-free installation - an 83 in x 39 in Mesh Panel, 9 Hook & Loop Strips, and 20 Wood Tacks. MAGIC MESH features a one-panel installation for simplicity.
  • Enjoy Fresh Air, Keep Bugs Out: Let the fresh air in while keeping insects, mosquitoes, flies, and bugs out! MAGIC MESH is a frameless, durable, and detachable solution that stays up all season and stores away effortlessly for the off-season. Perfect for pet owners, allowing easy in-and-out access for pets.

Experience the convenience of the MAGIC MESH DELUXE Hands-Free Screen Door - the original magnetic door seen on TV! This versatile and easy-to-install solution fits standard doors and offers effortless entry and exit with a strong magnetic seal. Keep your home bug-free while enjoying fresh air. Join the millions of happy customers who have chosen the original MAGIC MESH for single doors, double doors, and even garage doors. Don't be fooled by imitations – choose the proven and trusted MAGIC MESH for a seamless blend of convenience and protection.