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Maximum Surgical Support Knee Highs - 30-40 mmHg


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  • Powerful Medical Relief: Experience powerful medical relief with our Knee High Maximum Surgical Support Stockings, offering a graduated compression of 30-40 mmHg.
  • Affordable and High Quality: Trust in the affordability and high quality of our durable surgical support line, providing a tried-and-true solution for your compression needs.
  • Opaque Design: The opaque construction ensures discretion while delivering maximum support, making these knee highs both effective and stylish.
  • Non-Restrictive Top Bands: Enjoy comfort throughout the day with non-restrictive top bands that securely hold the stockings in place without sacrificing circulation.
  • Open or Closed Toe Options: Choose the style that suits you best with options for open or closed toe designs, catering to your personal preference and comfort.

Discover the perfect blend of affordability and quality with our Maximum Surgical Support Knee Highs at 30-40 mmHg compression. Designed for powerful medical relief, these knee highs offer a durable and tried-and-true solution for those in need of maximum support. The opaque design ensures discretion, and you can choose between open or closed toe options. Experience all-day comfort with non-restrictive top bands that securely hold the stockings in place, providing effective and stylish compression support.

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