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Maximum Surgical Support Thigh High-Stay-Up Compression Stockings - 30-40 mmHg


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  • Proven Surgical Support: Experience maximum surgical-grade support with our reliable Thigh High-Stay-Up Compression Stockings, offering 30-40 mmHg compression.
  • Durable Quality: Built for durability, this tried and true surgical support line provides an affordable yet high-quality solution for those requiring maximum compression.
  • Unisex Design: Catering to all, these thigh highs feature a unisex design, ensuring versatility and comfort for a wide range of users.
  • Non-Restrictive Top Bands: Enjoy comfort without compromise – the non-restrictive top bands provide a secure fit without sacrificing ease of wear.
  • Smooth Seams, Closed Toe: The opaque stockings boast smooth seams for irritation-free wear, and a closed toe design in a neutral beige shade for versatile styling.

Our Maximum Surgical Support Thigh High-Stay-Up Compression Stockings offer a durable and affordable solution for those seeking 30-40 mmHg maximum compression. Unisex in design, these stockings feature non-restrictive top bands, smooth seams, and a closed toe in a neutral beige hue for optimal comfort and support. Choose reliability for your compression needs.

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