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McKesson Alcohol-Based Surface Cleaner Sterile 16 oz. Bottle for Effective and Safe Disinfection


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  • Versatile Sterile Solution: McKesson Surface Cleaner is a versatile solution for wiping down isolators, cabinets, laminar flow hoods, and various surfaces. Ideal for use in controlled environments and sterile suites to maintain a clean and hygienic space.
  • Suitable for Gloved Hands: This alcohol-based liquid cleaner is safe for use on gloved hands in sterile suites. It ensures effective disinfection without compromising the integrity of gloves, providing a thorough wipe-down for enhanced cleanliness.
  • Effective Pass-Through Cleaning: Use this surface cleaner for wiping down products and equipment before passing them through to controlled environments. The sterile formula helps prevent the introduction of contaminants, maintaining the integrity of critical areas.
  • High-Quality Sterile Formula: MedStream Sterile 70% IPA contains USP Grade Isopropanol (IPA) and USP Grade Purified Water. Filtered to 0.2 and induction sealed for sterility, the bottles are double-bagged and gamma irradiated, ensuring a high-quality, sterile cleaning solution.
  • Convenient Trigger Sprayer: Each 16 oz. bottle includes a convenient trigger sprayer with settings for stream or mist spraying. This user-friendly feature enhances the ease of application, allowing for effective and efficient surface cleaning.

Ensure effective and safe disinfection with McKesson Alcohol-Based Surface Cleaner. This sterile 16 oz. bottle is designed for wiping down isolators, cabinets, laminar flow hoods, and surfaces in controlled environments. The alcohol-based formula is suitable for use on gloved hands, providing a versatile solution for maintaining cleanliness. With a high-quality sterile formula and a convenient trigger sprayer, this surface cleaner is an essential tool for creating and maintaining a hygienic environment. Trust McKesson for reliable and effective cleaning solutions.

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