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McKesson Gravity Feeding Bag Set 1200 mL Large Bore with ENFit Connector


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  • Advanced Design: McKesson's Gravity Feeding Bag Set boasts a 20-22 Fr. large bore, providing a smooth and efficient enteral nutrition delivery system.
  • Enhanced Patient Safety: The included ENFit® connector adheres to ISO 80369-3 standards, eliminating the risk of IV misconnections and ensuring patient safety.
  • Convenient Features: Adjustable roller clamp for precise flow control, easy-to-read graduated measurements (50 mL to 1200 mL), and a user-friendly snap cap with a rigid neck for hassle-free filling and closure.
  • Versatile Use: The pre-attached feeding tube transition connector allows optional use without the ENFit connection system, offering flexibility in administration.
  • Patient-Centric Design: DEHP-free PVC material, a write-on patient label, and an additional pouch for holding ice make this set both patient-friendly and clinically efficient.

Experience superior enteral nutrition administration with the McKesson Gravity Feeding Bag Set. Boasting a large bore design and adhering to the highest safety standards, this set ensures precise and safe delivery. Featuring adjustable controls, easy-to-read measurements, and a versatile transition connector, it caters to both patient comfort and clinical efficiency. The DEHP-free material, patient label, and ice-holding pouch make it a reliable choice for healthcare professionals. Single-use and latex-free, it aligns with the highest standards of care.

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