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McKesson Intermittent Catheter High-Quality, Straight Tip PVC Catheter for Convenient and Sterile Self-Catheterization

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  • Quick and Easy Self-Catheterization: Designed for efficient and comfortable self-catheterization, these high-quality intermittent catheters provide a reliable solution for individuals requiring assistance with bladder drainage.
  • Non-Coated PVC Construction: Manufactured from clear polyvinyl chloride (PVC), these catheters offer a non-coated, smooth surface that promotes easy insertion into the urethra, ensuring patient comfort and minimizing trauma.
  • Optimized Urine Flow: Featuring staggered eyes for maximum urine flow, these catheters are designed to efficiently drain urine from the bladder, reducing the risk of complications and maintaining a healthy urinary system.
  • User-Friendly Design: The straight tip design is ideal for patients with chronic bladder issues who are capable of performing self-catheterization, while the flexible funnel end with a ridged design ensures a secure grip and easy handling.
  • Sterile and Convenient Packaging: Individually packaged for single, sterile use, these catheters come with a loop cutout in the packaging for hanging, ensuring convenient storage and maintaining sterility. The color-coded funnel and packaging label further facilitate easy identification of the French size.

Experience comfort and convenience with the McKesson Intermittent Catheter, meticulously designed for hassle-free self-catheterization. Crafted from clear PVC, this non-coated catheter ensures smooth insertion and reduced urethral trauma. Staggered eyes optimize urine flow, while the straight tip caters to patients with chronic bladder issues who can perform catheterization themselves. The flexible funnel end with a ridged design provides a secure grip for easy handling. Individually packaged for single, sterile use, and color-coded for size identification, these catheters are a common solution for obtaining urine samples in hospital or laboratory settings. Trust McKesson for high-quality, user-friendly intermittent catheters.