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McKesson Non-Sterile Self-Adherent 4-Layer Compression Bandage System, Tan/White - Superior Compression and Absorbency


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  • Optimum Compression and Absorbency: McKesson Non-Sterile 4-Layer Compression Bandage System is a superior solution for managing venous leg ulcers, providing optimum compression and absorbency for effective wound care.
  • Layered Design: Composed of four layers, each bandage serves a unique purpose in the system, including a non-woven padding, a crepe bandage, a light compression bandage, and a cohesive bandage, working seamlessly together for comprehensive wound management.
  • Extended Wear: Layer Four, a cohesive bandage, ensures week-long compression without the need for additional tape, providing extended wear and convenience for both healthcare professionals and patients.
  • Non-Sterile and Latex-Free: This compression bandage system is non-sterile and latex-free, ensuring safety and versatility for a wide range of patients, including those with latex sensitivities.
  • Packaged for Efficiency: Each kit contains the necessary components for effective compression therapy, and with 8 Kits Per Case, healthcare providers can efficiently manage multiple patients' needs.

Discover the superior performance of McKesson Non-Sterile Self-Adherent 4-Layer Compression Bandage System in tan/white. This comprehensive system offers optimum compression and absorbency for the effective management of venous leg ulcers. Composed of four distinct layers, each serving a unique purpose, this bandage system ensures comprehensive wound care. With a cohesive bandage providing week-long compression without additional tape, it offers extended wear and convenience. Non-sterile and latex-free, this system prioritizes safety and versatility. Packaged with efficiency in mind, each case contains 8 kits, making it an ideal choice for healthcare professionals. Elevate your wound care with the McKesson Four-Layer Compression Bandaging System.

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