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McKesson Piston Irrigation Syringe - 60 mL, Catheter Tip, Case of 30 with IV Pole Bag

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  • Optimal Control and Precision: McKesson Piston Irrigation Syringes, equipped with a catheter tip, offer healthcare professionals maximum control and precision during enteral irrigation procedures. The 60 mL syringe size ensures versatility for various medical applications.
  • Complete Package: Each case includes 30 syringes, each featuring a flat top design and a catheter tip for controlled irrigation. The package also includes a small tube adapter and a tip protector, providing a comprehensive solution for medical practitioners.
  • IV Pole Bag for Convenience: The syringes come with a dedicated IV pole bag, designed with a resealable flap to prevent contamination between uses. The tamper-proof bag ensures the syringe remains securely in the bag until the healthcare worker breaks the seal for use.
  • Patient Information Space: The syringe's design includes ample space to write patient information directly onto the bag. This feature enhances organization and ensures that critical details are easily accessible during medical procedures.
  • Resealable and Disposable: Individually packaged and disposable, these syringes are resealable for reuse on a single patient within 24-hour periods. The disposable design prioritizes hygiene and infection control, meeting the highest healthcare standards.

McKesson presents the Piston Irrigation Syringe, a case of 30 enteral irrigation syringes designed for optimal control and precision. Each 60 mL syringe features a catheter tip, flat top, and comes complete with a small tube adapter and tip protector. The syringes are individually packaged in a tamper-proof IV pole bag, allowing healthcare professionals to break the seal for immediate use. With dedicated space for patient information, these syringes offer convenience and organization. The resealable design enables reuse on a single patient within 24-hour periods, ensuring hygiene and infection control. Crafted without natural rubber latex, these syringes meet the highest healthcare standards.