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McKesson SAM Moldable Splint Reusable, Waterproof, X-ray Translucent Pocket Cast for Versatile Support

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  • Adaptable Support: McKesson SAM Moldable Splint offers adaptable support in various situations, providing a foam-padded solution for greater comfort and versatility.
  • Reusable and Waterproof: Crafted for long-term use, this splint is both reusable and waterproof, ensuring durability and resilience in diverse environments.
  • Foam Padded Comfort: The foam-padded design prioritizes comfort, making it suitable for extended wear while providing effective support where needed.
  • X-ray Translucent: Designed to be X-ray translucent, this splint allows for efficient medical imaging without the need for removal, facilitating accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • Pocket Cast Convenience: Also known as the pocket cast, this McKesson SAM splint combines convenience with adaptability, offering a portable and versatile solution for various orthopedic needs.

Discover the McKesson SAM Moldable Splint - your versatile, waterproof, and reusable orthopedic solution. This foam-padded splint ensures adaptable support for various situations, prioritizing comfort during extended wear. X-ray translucent, it allows for accurate imaging without removal, streamlining the diagnostic process. Also known as the pocket cast, this splint combines convenience with effectiveness, making it an essential tool in orthopedic care. Invest in reliable support with the McKesson SAM Moldable Splint for enduring comfort and adaptability in diverse medical scenarios.