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MEDIPORE Dress-It Pre-Cut Dressing Cover by 3M Rapid and Gentle Wound Treatment

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8 inch


8 inch


8 inch


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8 x 11 inch


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  • Effortless Application: Medipore Dress-It by 3M offers a faster and easier application compared to standard medical tape or wound tape, streamlining the wound treatment process.
  • Soft and Porous: Crafted to be soft, porous, and gentle, this dressing actively supports tissue repair while ensuring comfort for the wearer, even in delicate or sensitive areas.
  • Seamless Conformity: The dressing seamlessly conforms to the contours of the body, providing a snug fit that promotes optimal contact with the wound, maximizing its effectiveness.
  • Pre-Cut Convenience: Pre-cut for ease of use, Medipore Dress-It eliminates the need for cutting or measuring, ensuring a hassle-free and precise application every time.
  • Versatile Wound Treatment: Suitable for various wound types, Medipore Dress-It is a versatile solution for wound treatment, making it an essential addition to any first aid kit or medical setting.

Experience the convenience of MEDIPORE Dress-It Pre-Cut Dressing Cover by 3M, offering rapid and gentle wound treatment. This dressing stands out with its soft, porous, and gentle design that actively encourages tissue repair. Seamlessly conforming to body contours, it ensures maximum contact with the wound. With pre-cut convenience and versatile application, Medipore Dress-It is the go-to solution for efficient and precise wound care in any situation.