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Medline Readyflush Biodegradable Flushable Wipes, 8 x 12 Inch, Scented

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8 x 12 Inch - Scented Pack of 24 Wipes


Case 576ct


Case 540ct


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ReadyFlush Wipes are perineal cleaning wipes for convenient freshening of the skin. They are biodegradable and flushable down the toilet. They contain a rinse-free formula to clean and moisturize the skin without needing additional hygiene products. It's the only line of disposable incontinence wipes by Medline approved to flush down septic tanks. It's made with a hydraspun cloth fiber that won't clog drains and cause septic problems. The material is durable for cleaning yet quickly breaks down when flushed. ReadyFlush Cleansing Wipes are available in gender-neutral scent. ReadyFlush is soft and sensitive to all skin types with its hypoallergenic and pH balanced formula. It is also void of alcohol to not dry out the skin. Choose from a soft pack or tub container options.

Medline ReadyFlush Wipes Fragrance Washcloths Features

  • These pH-balanced disposable washcloths, gently cleanse delicate skin. The hydraspun fabric is strong and durable for body cleansing and incontinence care.
  • These cloths offer 3-in-1 skincare--cleanses skin, conditions skin, and moisturizes your skin. You get all three functions in a rinse-free formula!
  • These durable cleansing washcloths quickly break-down after being submerged in water.
  • Its hydraspun fibers are strong yet soft while cleansing but break down quickly when flushed. This product is great for incontinence or bathroom use.