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Medline TheraHoney Gel Honey Wound Gel Nature's Healing Touch for Optimal Recovery

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  • Manuka Honey Healing: TheraHoney Gel utilizes the unique properties of 100% Manuka Honey to facilitate and expedite the healing process of burns and wounds. The gel harnesses the natural healing power of Manuka Honey for optimal recovery.
  • Filtered and Tested Efficiency: Made from filtered and tested Manuka Honey, TheraHoney ensures purity and efficiency in wound care. The honey not only aids in healing but also works to reduce the odor associated with wounds, creating a cleaner and healthier environment.
  • Versatile Wound Filler: TheraHoney Wound Gel can be used as a wound filler underneath most absorbent wound dressings, providing versatility in wound care. Its compatibility with compression therapy and negative pressure treatments makes it a comprehensive solution for various patient needs.
  • Clean and Healthy Healing: The natural properties of Manuka Honey in TheraHoney contribute to maintaining a clean and healthy wound environment, promoting optimal conditions for healing. The gel is a valuable addition to wound care routines, enhancing the overall healing experience.
  • Comprehensive Healing Support: TheraHoney Gel not only speeds up the healing process but also complements other wound care methods. Whether used alone or in conjunction with absorbent dressings, compression therapy, or negative pressure treatments, it provides comprehensive support for effective wound management.

Experience the healing touch of nature with Medline TheraHoney Gel Honey Wound Gel. Crafted from 100% Manuka Honey, filtered and tested for efficiency, this wound gel facilitates and expedites the healing process for burns and wounds. Beyond its natural healing properties, TheraHoney reduces wound odor, creating a cleaner environment. Versatile and compatible with various wound care methods, TheraHoney Gel is your comprehensive solution for clean, healthy, and efficient wound healing.