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Merit Urinary Drainage Bag with VELCRO Adjustable Tubing and Anti-Reflux Barrier for Optimal Comfort


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  • Versatile Tubing: The Merit Urinary Drainage Bag comes with adjustable 24-inch tubing, ensuring a comfortable fit for a variety of patients, enhancing flexibility and convenience.
  • Twist Valve Disposal: Featuring a twist valve, this drainage bag allows for easy and hygienic disposal of fluids, simplifying the process for both patients and caregivers.
  • Anti-Reflux Barrier: Equipped with an internal anti-reflux valve, this drainage bag effectively prevents backflow, ensuring a secure and hygienic experience for the patient.
  • Optimal 600 mL Capacity: With a generous 600 mL capacity, this urinary drainage bag provides ample storage while maintaining a manageable size, catering to the needs of diverse users.
  • VELCRO Fastening: The inclusion of VELCRO ensures a secure and adjustable closure, allowing for a customized and snug fit, promoting patient comfort and confidence.

Experience optimal comfort and convenience with the Merit Urinary Drainage Bag featuring VELCRO, adjustable tubing, and an anti-reflux barrier. The 24-inch tubing is easily adjustable to accommodate various patients, enhancing flexibility. The twist valve simplifies fluid disposal, providing a hygienic solution. The internal anti-reflux valve ensures a secure and backflow-free experience. With a generous 600 mL capacity and VELCRO fastening, this drainage bag combines functionality with patient comfort. Trust Merit for a reliable and user-friendly urinary drainage solution.

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