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Nikotab Resting ECG Snap Electrode High-Performance Design for First-Time Tracings

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  • Revolutionary Fishtail Tab: The Nikotab Resting ECG Snap Electrode is designed with a high-performance Silver/Silver Chloride (Ag/AgCl) substrate, featuring a revolutionary fishtail tab that prevents twisting and turning, ensuring accurate and reliable tracings on the first attempt.
  • Effortless Cleanup: The adhesive on the Nikotab electrode is designed for easy patient cleanup. The gel remains on the electrode EKG, not the skin, simplifying the process and enhancing patient comfort.
  • Universal Compatibility: Compatible with all ECG machines, the Nikotab Resting Electrode offers versatility and convenience for healthcare professionals across various medical settings.
  • Gel Consistency: The Nikotab electrode ensures consistent gel placement, facilitating optimal signal transmission for clear and precise ECG readings.
  • Use with Nikoclip Universal Adapter: Enhance convenience and compatibility by using the Nikotab Resting ECG Electrode with the Nikoclip universal adapter, providing seamless integration with a variety of medical devices.

Introducing the Nikotab Resting ECG Snap Electrode, a high-performance solution designed for first-time tracings. Featuring a revolutionary fishtail tab and a Silver/Silver Chloride substrate, this electrode ensures accuracy by preventing twisting and turning during application. The adhesive is crafted for easy patient cleanup, leaving gel on the electrode EKG, not the skin. Compatible with all ECG machines and designed for use with the Nikoclip universal adapter, the Nikotab electrode offers versatility, convenience, and consistent gel placement for optimal signal transmission. Elevate your ECG experience with the reliability of Nikotab Resting ECG Snap Electrode.