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Nu Prep Conductive Gel 25GM Pack of 6 for Enhanced Tracings


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  • Impedance Reduction: Nu Prep Conductive Gel effectively lowers impedance, optimizing tracings for improved accuracy and clarity in medical procedures.
  • Mild Abrasive Formula: The gel's mild abrasive formula enhances conductivity, ensuring maximum efficiency with medical equipment and providing reliable and precise results.
  • Pack of 6: Each purchase includes a pack of 6 Nu Prep Conductive Gel tubes (25GM each), offering a convenient and cost-effective supply for medical professionals.
  • Conductivity Improvement: Specially formulated for skin prep, this gel contributes to improved conductivity, aiding in achieving consistent and reliable results during various medical examinations.
  • Medical-Grade Quality: Nu Prep Conductive Gel maintains a high standard of medical-grade quality, providing a trusted solution for professionals seeking optimal performance in their equipment.
Enhance the precision of your medical procedures with Nu Prep Conductive Gel 25GM. This pack of 6 tubes features a mild abrasive formula, effectively lowering impedance and improving conductivity for accurate tracings. Designed to maximize efficiency with medical equipment, this gel ensures consistent and reliable results. Ideal for various examinations, Nu Prep Conductive Gel is a cost-effective solution in convenient packaging, providing medical professionals with a trusted tool for optimal performance in their procedures.
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