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Omnipod 5 Automated Insulin Delivery System Intro Kit Empowering Diabetes Management with Innovative Features

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  • All-in-One Convenience: The Omnipod 5 Intro Kit includes a handheld controller, two 5-packs of Omnipod 5 G6 Pods, and an additional Pod for training purposes, providing a comprehensive solution for automated insulin delivery.
  • Tailored for Type 1 Diabetes: Specifically designed for individuals aged six and older, the Omnipod 5 system offers advanced features to support the management of Type 1 diabetes effectively.
  • Insulin Flexibility: With U-100 short-acting insulin, the Omnipod 5 system caters to both basal and bolus doses, offering users flexibility and personalized control over their insulin management.
  • Cutting-Edge Integration: The tubeless, wearable, waterproof Pod seamlessly integrates with the Dexcom G® CGM (sold separately), providing real-time continuous glucose monitoring for enhanced diabetes care.
  • Extended Insulin Delivery: The Pod boasts a 200-unit reservoir, allowing for up to 72 hours of continuous insulin delivery, offering users prolonged peace of mind and freedom from constant adjustments.

Experience a new era in diabetes management with the Omnipod 5 Automated Insulin Delivery System Intro Kit. Tailored for individuals six years and older managing Type 1 diabetes, this kit combines a handheld controller, two 5-packs of Omnipod® 5 G6 Pods, and an extra training Pod for a comprehensive solution. With U-100 short-acting insulin for both basal and bolus doses, waterproof Pod integration with Dexcom G6® CGM, and an extended 72-hour insulin reservoir, this system puts control in your hands. Manage diabetes seamlessly with the Omnipod 5, controlling the system effortlessly from a compatible smartphone with the Omnipod® 5 App or handheld controller.