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Precision Support for Lower Back 10” Lumbosacral Brace with Flexible Stays


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  • 10” Back Panel: This Lumbosacral support features a substantial 10-inch back panel, offering extensive coverage for effective support of the lower back.
  • Flexible Stays: The support incorporates flexible stays that cover the lower back, providing stability and reinforcement without sacrificing comfort.
  • Combination of Knitted and Ribbed Elastic Components: Crafted with a thoughtful blend of knitted and ribbed elastic materials, the support ensures a snug and adaptable fit, catering to the dynamic needs of the user.
  • Strong Non-Elastic Front Panel: The front panel is designed with a robust, non-elastic material, enhancing durability and delivering strong support to the lumbar region.
  • Non-Abrasive Fastening and Adjustment: Featuring a user-friendly design, the support includes a non-abrasive fastening and adjustment system, prioritizing comfort while securely maintaining the desired level of support for the lower back.

This Lumbosacral Support has a sporty, non-clinical appearance and is made from high quality knitted elastic fabric that molds around body contours. It is lightweight for cool, comfortable wear and provides natural and effective relief of lower back pain. It is tapered in front for optimum wearing comfort, and can be worn undetected under clothing. The ten inch back panel with flexible stays covers the entire lower back area for maximum therapeutic benefit. The ribbed web elastic side pulls mold around body contours for a comfortable, custom fit. The strong non-elastic front panel features non-abrasive fastening and adjustment.

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