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Primary Science Lab Set - Educational STEM Kit for Hands-On Learning Enhances Math and Fine Motor Skills


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  • Comprehensive Set: Includes a variety of science essentials such as a beaker, magnifying glass, funnel, eyedropper, flask, tweezers, goggles, 1 large 6' test tube (with lid and stand), 2 small test tubes (with lids and a stand), and 10 engaging activity cards.
  • Educational Benefits: Focused on enhancing the learning experience, our Primary Science Lab Set encourages curiosity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, laying the foundation for a lifelong love of science.
  • Learning Style: Tailored for visual and tactile learners, this lab set engages children through hands-on exploration, making scientific concepts more accessible and enjoyable.
  • Skill Development: The kit specifically targets the development of essential skills such as mathematics and fine motor skills, fostering a well-rounded educational experience for preschoolers and beyond.
  • Safe and Age-Appropriate: Crafted with safety in mind, each component is designed for the developmental stage of children aged 3 and above, providing a secure and enriching learning environment.

Explore the wonders of science with our Primary Science Lab Set, specially designed for curious minds aged 3 and above. This educational STEM kit offers a hands-on learning experience, catering to visual and tactile learners while promoting essential skill development in math and fine motor abilities.

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