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Profore Lite - Advanced Reduced-Compression Bandaging System for Effective Wound Care

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Latex Free Reduced Compression System


Profore Lite Reduced Compression Bandaging System


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  • Multi-Layer Mastery: Smith & Nephew presents Profore Lite, a cutting-edge reduced-compression bandaging system with a unique multi-layer design, offering comprehensive wound care.
  • Extended Compression: Profore Lite provides effective compression for up to a full week, ensuring consistent and reliable pressure application to support healing and enhance blood flow.
  • Gradient Pressure Design: Engineered for optimal results, this bandaging system exerts higher pressure at the ankle and gradually decreases pressure at the calf, facilitating improved upward blood flow for enhanced therapeutic effects.
  • Safety and Protection: Profore Lite prioritizes safety by padding bony prominences, offering an additional layer of protection, making it an ideal choice for individuals requiring extra care during wound management.
  • Convenient Application: With a wound contact layer and three bandages, Profore Lite simplifies the bandaging process, providing healthcare professionals with a user-friendly and efficient solution for effective wound care.

Elevate your wound care with Profore Lite, the Advanced Reduced-Compression Bandaging System by Smith & Nephew. This multi-layered marvel offers extended compression for up to a week, promoting consistent pressure application for optimal healing. The gradient pressure design ensures improved blood flow, and the system prioritizes safety by padding bony prominences for added protection. With a convenient application process and a commitment to effective wound care, Profore Lite stands as a reliable choice for healthcare professionals seeking advanced solutions for their patients.