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Pure Expressions Double Electric Breast Pump Kit Customizable, Quiet, and Efficient Breastfeeding Solution


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  • LCD Display Convenience: The Pure Expressions Breast Pump features an LCD display providing real-time status updates on programs and functions, offering intuitive control.
  • Customizable Pumping: With a total of 28 pumping state options, control suction and speed to suit your comfort level, ensuring a personalized and efficient breastfeeding experience.
  • 2 Phase Expression: Experience both stimulation and expression modes with the 2-phase expression feature, mimicking the natural breastfeeding process for optimal milk expression.
  • Easy Assembly and Cleaning: Designed for convenience, the Pure Expressions Breast Pump is easy to assemble and clean, providing a hassle-free and time-saving solution for busy moms.
  • Silent and Discreet: Enjoy silent pumping sessions with passive prevention of milk backflow, allowing for discreet use whether at home or in public spaces. The option for both single and double pumping adds versatility to your breastfeeding routine.

Discover the Pure Expressions Double Electric Breast Pump Kit, a customizable, quiet, and efficient solution for your breastfeeding journey. The LCD display offers convenient control, while 28 pumping state options ensure personalized comfort. With 2-phase expression and easy assembly, this pump mimics the natural breastfeeding process and simplifies maintenance. Silent operation, along with passive backflow prevention, provides discreet pumping experiences. Whether choosing single or double pumping, the Pure Expressions Breast Pump is designed for flexibility and convenience, making it an ideal choice for modern, on-the-go moms.

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