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QuikClot Clotting Gauze Rapid Hemorrhage Control for Critical Moments

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  • Kaolin-Infused Advanced Formula: QuikClot Clotting Gauze features a kaolin-infused advanced formula designed to quickly control bleeding, promoting and accelerating the clotting process during critical moments.
  • Combatting Hemorrhage: Recognizing that uncontrolled bleeding is a major cause of preventable deaths, QuikClot is formulated to address this issue effectively. Up to 40% of trauma-related deaths are attributed to hemorrhage, making quick bleeding control crucial.
  • Two Z-Fold Strips for Convenience: The 2-foot gauze pack comes with two z-fold strips of kaolin-impregnated gauze, ensuring convenient use and easy application. The Z-fold design allows for efficient unfolding and quick deployment in emergency situations.
  • Clinically Proven Efficacy: QuikClot is clinically proven to stop hemorrhaging quickly, increasing the chances of surviving traumatic bleeding by as much as 80%. This level of efficacy makes it a reliable choice for first aid kits and emergency preparedness.
  • Lightweight, Portable, and Flexible: This clotting gauze is both lightweight and portable, ensuring it is convenient to carry at all times. Its flexibility and pliability allow it to easily contour and adapt to wounds, providing versatile and effective hemorrhage control.

Be prepared for critical moments with QuikClot Clotting Gauze – the solution for rapid hemorrhage control. Infused with kaolin, a naturally-occurring mineral, this advanced formula accelerates the clotting process, addressing the major cause of preventable deaths due to uncontrolled bleeding. Clinically proven and conveniently packaged in two z-fold strips, QuikClot offers a reliable and portable solution, increasing the chances of surviving traumatic bleeding by up to 80%. Lightweight, flexible, and effective – make QuikClot an essential part of your first aid kit.