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Roll-On Lip Gloss Studio Crystal Bloom Lip Magic Kit for Kids

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  • Interactive Design: Engage in the magic of creating your own lip gloss with colorful crystals, glitter, and flowers suspended in clear gloss for a mesmerizing experience.
  • Personalized Touch: Take personality quizzes to guide your choices and design unique lip gloss combinations inspired by themes like unicorns, crystals, and galaxies.
  • Nourishing Formula: Our unique gloss formula includes soothing aloe and a delightful peachy flavor, making lip care a fun and tasty experience.
  • Educational Fun: Ideal for ages 8 and up, this kit encourages creativity and learning with easy-to-follow DIY lip care recipes using everyday ingredients like honey and sugar.
  • Showcase with Style: Decorate your finished lip glosses with stickers and assemble the cute display case to proudly exhibit your customized creations.

Unleash the creativity with our Crystal Bloom Roll-On Lip Gloss Studio, a delightful DIY lip magic kit designed for kids aged 8 and up. Dive into the world of colorful crystals, glitter, and flowers suspended in clear gloss, and embark on a personalized lip gloss journey inspired by unicorns, crystals, and galaxies. Infused with a soothing aloe formula and a sweet peachy flavor, this kit not only brings joy but also educates with easy-to-follow lip care recipes. Showcase your unique designs in the adorable display case, decorated with stickers for added flair.