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Ruby Sliders by BulbHead Floor Protection for Hard Surfaces and Tile Floors

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  • Floor Protection for Hard Surfaces: Safeguard your hard surface and tile floors with Ruby Sliders by BulbHead. These sliders fit over furniture legs, preventing scratches and scrapes, and ensuring your floors stay beautifully preserved. (Not designed for carpet floors.)
  • Soundless Glides Over Hard Floors: Bid farewell to the irritating sound of chairs scraping against hard surfaces. Ruby Sliders provide soundless glides over hard floors, offering a peaceful and scratch-free experience in your living spaces.
  • Stretchable Design for Easy Installation: Ruby Sliders effortlessly stretch to fit over furniture legs, eliminating the need for adhesive pads or glues. Say goodbye to struggles—simply slip them over your chair legs, and they snugly stay in place, providing hassle-free floor protection.
  • Universal Fit for Various Furniture Legs: With a universal fit, Ruby Sliders cater to most furniture legs on chairs, couches, beds, and more. Whether your furniture legs are square or circular, thick or thin, Ruby Sliders adapt to ensure comprehensive protection.
  • Preserve Floor Beauty Without Compromise: Keep your floors looking beautiful without compromising on functionality. Ruby Sliders strike the perfect balance, offering floor protection for hard surfaces and tile floors while ensuring a seamless and quiet gliding experience.

Discover Ruby Sliders by BulbHead—a game-changer in floor protection for hard surfaces and tile floors. Say goodbye to scratches and scrapes as these sliders effortlessly fit over furniture legs, preserving the beauty of your floors. With soundless glides, easy stretchable installation, and a universal fit for various furniture legs, Ruby Sliders offer comprehensive floor protection without compromising on aesthetics. Keep your floors beautiful and your living spaces serene with Ruby Sliders by BulbHead.