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Scented Cleansing Towelettes Individual Packets for On-the-Go Hygiene


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  • Alcohol and Benzalkonium Chloride: Infused with 5% alcohol and benzalkonium chloride, these dynareScented Cleansing Towelettes offer effective cleansing and antiseptic properties for versatile use.
  • Wet Body Cleansing: Designed for wet body cleansing, these towelettes measure 5" x 7" and come in individual packets, providing a convenient solution for on-the-go hygiene.
  • Soap and Water Alternative: Ideal for cleansing and refreshing hands, face, and body without the need for soap and water, making them a practical choice for various situations.
  • First Aid Application: Suitable for first aid, these towelettes are used to help prevent skin infection in minor injuries, offering a proactive approach to skin health.
  • Scented for Pleasurable Use: The scented formula adds a pleasant touch to the cleansing experience, enhancing user satisfaction while maintaining effective hygiene.

Introducing dynareScented Cleansing Towelettes in individual packets, offering on-the-go hygiene with a scented touch. Infused with 5% alcohol and benzalkonium chloride, these towelettes provide effective cleansing and antiseptic benefits. Measuring 5" x 7", they are designed for wet body cleansing without the need for soap and water. Perfect for first aid applications, these towelettes help prevent skin infection in minor injuries. Embrace a practical and pleasurable approach to personal hygiene with dynareScented Cleansing Towelettes.

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