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Scott Essential White Toilet Tissue 80 Rolls Box, 2-Ply Standard Size, 550 Sheets per Roll


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  • Exceptional Strength and Absorbency: Scott Essential White Toilet Tissue is 2-ply, offering exceptional strength and absorbency to ensure effective performance and satisfy both employees and guests.
  • Individually Wrapped Rolls: Each roll, containing 550 sheets, is individually wrapped, guaranteeing protection until you're ready to use them. The large case size (80 rolls) allows for bulk ordering, ensuring a consistent supply.
  • Universal Dispenser Compatibility: Designed to fit into universal, cored roll dispensers, these toilet paper rolls provide versatility and compatibility in various restroom setups.
  • EPA and Eco-Friendly Certified: Meets EPA minimum standards, including 100% recycled fiber content. Additionally, Scott Essential Toilet Tissue is FSC and Eco Logo certified, aligning with environmental sustainability practices.
  • Bulk Convenience: Order once and get a lot of bath tissue with the 80 Rolls Box, making it a convenient and cost-effective solution for businesses, offices, and facilities with high restroom traffic.

Elevate restroom satisfaction with "Scott Essential White Toilet Tissue." This 2-ply standard-size toilet tissue offers exceptional strength and absorbency, ensuring a reliable performance for employees and guests. With 80 individually wrapped rolls, each containing 550 sheets, this bulk order provides a consistent and protected supply. Designed for universal dispenser compatibility, it offers versatility in various restroom setups. Certified by EPA, FSC, and Eco Logo for environmental sustainability, Scott Essential Toilet Tissue combines quality and eco-conscious choices for your facility's needs.

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