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SenSura Ostomy Barrier With 3/8-2¼ Inch Stoma Opening - Pre-Cut and Flexible for Comfortable Wear (5/BX)

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  • Versatile Stoma Opening: The SenSura Ostomy Barrier features a cut-to-fit design, accommodating stoma openings ranging from 3/8 to 2¼ inches, ensuring versatility and a personalized fit.
  • Precise Fit: Pre-cut at 3/8x4 1/4 inches, the barrier offers a precise fit for added comfort and convenience in your ostomy care routine.
  • Patented Double Layer Technology: SenSura incorporates patented double layer technology into its flexible skin barrier, providing advanced protection and ensuring a comfortable wear.
  • Belt Loops for Stability: The inclusion of belt loops enhances stability, offering additional support and ensuring a secure fit during various activities.
  • Audible Click-Lock Security Ring: Experience peace of mind with the unique audible click-lock security ring, providing a clear indication of a secure and leak-proof seal for added confidence.

Discover the SenSura Ostomy Barrier with a 3/8-2¼ Inch Stoma Opening, designed for versatility and comfort. The cut-to-fit design accommodates various stoma sizes, while the pre-cut dimensions of 3/8x4 1/4 inches ensure a precise fit for added convenience. With patented double layer technology, belt loops for stability, and an audible click-lock security ring, this ostomy barrier prioritizes advanced protection and confidence in wear. Conveniently packaged in sets of 5 (BX), it offers ease of use for your daily ostomy care routine.