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Molnlycke Healthcare

Setopress High Compression Bandage Graduated Healing for Venous Leg Ulcers

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4 x 138 inch


4 x 138 inch


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  • Graduated Compression: Setopress High Compression Bandage by Molnlycke provides graduated compression over the foot, leg, or ankle, offering targeted treatment for venous leg ulcers and associated symptoms when applied appropriately.
  • Advanced Lightweight Fabric: This high compression dressing utilizes advanced lightweight fabric construction for effective treatment. The breathable and comfortable material promotes healing while ensuring patient comfort during extended wear.
  • Visual Guide for Correct Application: A simple visual guide is printed on both sides of the bandage, featuring color rectangles that transform into squares when the correct extension is reached. This ensures easy and accurate application for optimal compression.
  • Dual-Sided Compression Options: One side of the bandage features brown rectangles, providing over 40mmHg at the ankle for optimum healing rates. The other side has green rectangles, offering moderate compression (30mmHg at the ankle). This dual-sided design allows for flexibility in choosing the right compression level based on patient needs.
  • Proven Healing Rates: Setopress High Compression Bandages, when applied correctly, have been shown by Molnlycke to achieve a level of compression that can heal even long-standing leg ulcers within 12 weeks, demonstrating the effectiveness of this compression therapy.

Experience the healing power of Setopress High Compression Bandage by Molnlycke, designed to provide graduated compression for targeted treatment of venous leg ulcers. Featuring an advanced lightweight fabric and a visual guide for correct application, this bandage offers dual-sided compression options, allowing flexibility based on patient needs. With proven healing rates for long-standing leg ulcers within 12 weeks, Setopress ensures effective and comfortable compression therapy for optimal outcomes.