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Silipos Digital Pad 12 Packs Washable Gel Pads for Toe and Finger Comfort

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  • Washable Gel Pads: Silipos Digital Pad 12 Packs feature washable gel pads, ensuring convenient and reusable relief for toes and fingers.
  • Conditioning Mineral Oil: Each comfortable fabric sleeve contains a mineral oil-based gel pad that releases conditioning oils onto hard skin, promoting softening and healing.
  • Friction & Abrasion Protection: Protect toes and fingers from discomfort caused by friction and abrasion, offering a barrier against potential irritations.
  • Alleviates Footwear Pressure: Specifically designed to alleviate footwear pressure on toes, providing relief and comfort for various foot conditions.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for blebs, blisters, corns, hammertoes, calluses, and digital traumas, these gel pads offer versatile and targeted comfort for multiple foot concerns.

Discover comfort in every step with Silipos Digital Pad 12 Packs. These washable gel pads, housed in comfortable fabric sleeves, release conditioning mineral oil to soften and heal hard skin. Protecting toes and fingers from friction and abrasion, these pads alleviate footwear pressure and offer relief for various foot conditions like blebs, blisters, corns, hammertoes, calluses, and digital traumas. Versatile and reusable, Silipos Digital Pads provide convenient comfort tailored to your specific needs, ensuring a soothing and healing experience with each use.