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Skil-Care Thin-Line Seat Cushion 16W x 16D x 1-1/2H Inch Foam/Gel - Ultimate Pressure Relief


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  • Premium Pressure Relief: Experience superior pressure relief with the Skil-Care Thin-Line Seat Cushion, featuring a two-layered design that combines high-density foam and water-based gel for optimal support.
  • Incontinent-Proof Cover: The incontinent-proof vinyl cover acts as a protective shield, preventing urine from entering the cushion. This feature ensures hygiene and enhances the durability of the cushion.
  • Low-Shear Outer Cover: Designed for skin wellness, the low-shear outer cover reduces friction, promoting comfort and preventing skin damage. The cover is easily removable for hassle-free laundering.
  • Secure Wheelchair Attachment: The safety strap ensures the cushion stays securely attached to the wheelchair, providing stability and preventing unwanted movement during use.
  • Effortless Maintenance: Wipe clean for easy care – this seat cushion simplifies maintenance, offering a convenient solution for users seeking a comfortable and hygienic seating experience.

The Skil-Care Thin-Line Seat Cushion is engineered for unparalleled pressure relief, featuring a two-layered design with high-density foam and water-based gel. The incontinent-proof cover, low-shear outer cover, and safety strap make it a comprehensive solution for comfort, hygiene, and stability. Easy to clean and maintain, this cushion prioritizes user well-being without compromising on convenience.

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