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SpeediCath Compact Male Catheter Set Discreet, Convenient, and Ready-to-Use

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12 French 13.2 Inch Length

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2 Inch

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  • Instant Readiness: SpeediCath Compact Male Catheters by Coloplast are instantly ready to use, ensuring quick and hassle-free catheterization without compromising safety or convenience.
  • Discreet Portability: The unique compact design of this catheter set provides unparalleled discretion, easily fitting into a pocket for on-the-go use. Enjoy the freedom to manage your catheterization discreetly and effortlessly.
  • Hydrophilic Coating for Comfort: With a low-friction hydrophilic coating, SpeediCath Compact ensures easy and comfortable insertion. The exceptionally smooth coating reduces friction between the catheter and the urethral mucosa, enhancing overall comfort for men.
  • Health and Environmental Consciousness: This male intermittent catheter is PVC- and phthalate-free, prioritizing health and limiting environmental impact. SpeediCath Compact is designed with a commitment to both user well-being and environmental responsibility.
  • Easy Grip Handle for Control: Equipped with an easy grip handle, this urethral catheter is made of flexible polyurethane, offering hygienic non-touch insertion with better control. The user-friendly design ensures a comfortable and controlled catheterization experience.

Introducing the SpeediCath Compact Male Catheter Set by Coloplast – your discreet and instantly ready-to-use solution for convenient catheterization. The compact design ensures portability, fitting seamlessly into your pocket for on-the-go freedom. With a low-friction hydrophilic coating for easy insertion and an easy grip handle for enhanced control, SpeediCath Compact prioritizes your comfort. PVC- and phthalate-free, this catheter set combines health and environmental consciousness, making it a reliable and responsible choice for discreet and comfortable catheterization.