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Cardinal Health

Suction Tube Medi-Vac Yankauer Style NonVented CS/50 K85 Sterile Bulb Tip for Reliable Medical Suction (Case of 50)


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  • Reliable Suction: The Suction Tube Medi-Vac Yankauer Style NonVented CS/50 K85 features a bulb tip design, ensuring reliable and efficient medical suction during procedures.
  • Yankauer Style: Crafted in the Yankauer style, this suction tube offers versatility and reliability for medical suction needs across various healthcare applications.
  • NonVented Design: The nonvented design enhances precision suction, making it suitable for a range of medical procedures where controlled suction is essential.
  • Sterile and Ready: Each tube is sterile, meeting the highest hygiene standards, and the case of 50 provides a ready supply for medical professionals, ensuring convenience during procedures.
  • Quality Bulb Tip: The bulb tip is designed for optimal performance, providing healthcare providers with a tool they can trust for consistent and effective suction.

Ensure reliable and sterile medical suction with the Suction Tube Medi-Vac Yankauer Style NonVented CS/50 K85. Featuring a bulb tip design in the Yankauer style, this nonvented suction tube is crafted for precision suction in various healthcare procedures. The case of 50 ensures a convenient and readily available supply for medical professionals. Trust in the quality and reliability of the bulb tip for consistent and efficient medical suction, meeting the highest standards of hygiene.

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