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Sunmark Aspirin Chewable Tablets BX/36 Convenient and Orange-Flavored Pain Relief


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  • Chewable Convenience: Sunmark Aspirin Chewable Tablets come in a box of 36, offering a chewable and convenient way to temporarily relieve minor aches and pains on the go.
  • Latex-Free: Crafted with care, these tablets are latex-free, ensuring compatibility with individuals who have latex sensitivities or allergies.
  • Heart Health Support: Featuring a low-dose of 81 mg aspirin, these tablets are commonly used to prevent heart attacks or strokes, making them a proactive choice for heart health support.
  • Orange Flavor: Enjoy the pleasant orange flavor, making these chewable tablets a palatable and easy-to-administer option for those who prefer a more enjoyable medication experience.
  • Versatile Pain Relief: Beyond heart health, Sunmark Aspirin may also be used to reduce pain and swelling associated with conditions such as arthritis, providing versatile pain relief.

Discover the convenience and flavor of Sunmark Aspirin Chewable Tablets BX/36. With a latex-free formulation, these tablets offer a chewable and palatable solution for temporary relief of minor aches and pains. Boasting a low-dose of 81 mg aspirin, they support heart health, making them a proactive choice for cardiovascular well-being. The orange flavor adds a pleasant touch, making these tablets a versatile and enjoyable option for various pain relief needs. Trust in the quality of sunmark® for reliable aspirin chewable tablets.

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