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Sweet Pumpkin Double Oven GloveSweet Pumpkin Double Oven Glove Cozy and Protective Autumn Kitchen Essential


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  • Autumn-Inspired Design: Embrace the warmth of fall with the Sweet Pumpkin Double Oven Glove, adorned with a delightful tumble of sweet pumpkins, feathers, and fall leaves, bringing the vibrant colors and crisp air of autumn into your kitchen.
  • Double Oven Glove Design: Crafted for convenience, this oven glove features a double pocket design for a secure grip, providing extra thickness for enhanced protection when handling hot dishes during your autumn cooking.
  • High-Quality Materials: Made of 100% cotton with a cotton/poly fill, this glove not only captures the essence of autumn but also offers durability and comfort for your kitchen activities.
  • Complete Coordination: Coordinate your kitchen decor with ease as this double oven glove complements our chef apron and kitchen towel, creating a cohesive and stylish autumn ensemble.
  • Generous Size for Versatility: With an approximate size of 33.5 x 7 inches (85 x 17.75 cm), this double oven glove offers ample coverage, ensuring versatility and ease of use for various autumn cooking and baking needs.

Bring the cozy spirit of autumn into your kitchen with the Sweet Pumpkin Double Oven Glove. Adorned with sweet pumpkins, feathers, and fall leaves, this glove captures the essence of the season. The double pocket design and extra thickness provide secure handling and superior protection for hot dishes. Made of high-quality 100% cotton with a cotton/poly fill, it ensures durability and comfort during your autumn culinary adventures. Complete the autumn ensemble by coordinating it with our chef apron and kitchen towel. Elevate your kitchen decor and autumn cooking experience with this stylish and protective essential.

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