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Teleflex Medical Oxygen Supply Tubing 14 Feet, Star Lumen Design, Pack of 50


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  • Efficient Oxygen Delivery: Teleflex Medical Oxygen Supply Tubing, with its Star Lumen design, ensures optimal and efficient delivery of oxygen to patients.
  • Pack of 50: This product comes in a convenient pack of 50, providing healthcare facilities with an ample supply of high-quality oxygen tubing for multiple patients.
  • 14-Foot Length: With a length of 14 feet, this tubing strikes a balance between flexibility and manageability, making it suitable for various medical applications.
  • Teleflex Reliability: Crafted by Teleflex Medical, a reputable healthcare brand, this tubing guarantees reliability, durability, and consistent oxygen flow for patient care.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for a range of medical settings, the Teleflex Oxygen Supply Tubing is versatile, ensuring that healthcare providers can meet the oxygen needs of diverse patient populations.

Teleflex Medical Oxygen Supply Tubing, designed with a Star Lumen for efficient oxygen delivery, comes in a pack of 50. With a length of 14 feet, it strikes a balance between flexibility and manageability, catering to various medical requirements. Crafted by Teleflex Medical, this tubing guarantees reliability and durability. Versatile and suitable for different medical settings, it ensures efficient oxygen supply to patients in need. Trust Teleflex for quality oxygen delivery solutions in healthcare.

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