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Essity HMS North America Inc

TENA Scented Washcloths - Refreshing and Gentle Cleansing

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5 Inch


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  • Convenient Freshness: TENA Scented Washcloths offer a convenient and refreshing solution for gentle cleansing, ensuring a clean and invigorating experience for healthy yet fragile skin.
  • Pre-Moistened Comfort: These washcloths are pre-moistened, providing a ready-to-use option for everyday perineal cleansing or skin care, adding ease and convenience to your routine.
  • Dermatologically-Tested: Dermatologically-tested, TENA Scented Washcloths are specifically designed for sensitive skin, providing a gentle and effective cleansing experience that you can trust.
  • Soft Cloth-Like Material: Composed of a soft, cloth-like material, these washcloths deliver a gentle touch, making them ideal for those seeking a comfortable and effective cleansing option.
  • Everyday Versatility: Whether used for everyday perineal cleansing or general skin care, TENA Scented Washcloths are a reliable choice for maintaining cleanliness and promoting skin comfort.

Experience the soothing touch of TENA Scented Washcloths - the perfect solution for gentle and refreshing cleansing. Dermatologically-tested and pre-moistened, these washcloths are ideal for everyday perineal cleansing or general skin care, providing a convenient and effective option for those with sensitive skin. The soft cloth-like material ensures a gentle touch, making TENA Scented Washcloths a trusted choice for maintaining cleanliness and promoting comfort in your daily routine.