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TheraHoney Sheet HD - Advanced Honey Impregnated Wound Dressing

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  • Osmotic Healing: TheraHoney Sheet HD Dressing features elevated sugar levels, triggering an osmotic effect that pulls exudate and dead tissue to the surface, fostering a healing environment within the wound.
  • Exudate Management: The dressing efficiently channels exudate and dead tissue through its porous material into the secondary dressing, ensuring effective removal while maintaining a moist environment crucial for wound healing.
  • Odor Control: TheraHoney's osmotic action aids in removing dead cells, contributing to effective odor control, ensuring a more comfortable experience for patients and caregivers.
  • pH Regulation: The honey infusion serves a dual purpose by helping to lower the pH of the wound, creating an environment conducive to healing and further promoting the overall well-being of the affected area.
  • Moist Healing Environment: TheraHoney Sheet HD ensures a consistently moist environment for wounds, facilitating optimal conditions for the natural healing process to unfold.

Discover the next level of wound care with TheraHoney Sheet HD, the Advanced Honey Impregnated Wound Dressing. Packed with high sugar levels for osmotic healing, this dressing efficiently manages exudate, controls odors, and regulates the wound's pH. The innovative design pulls dead tissue to the surface, creating an optimal environment for healing. TheraHoney Sheet HD ensures a moist and healing environment, providing comfort and promoting the natural healing process for wounds.