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TIELLE ESSENTIAL Silicone Foam Dressing - Box of 10, Advanced Wound Care Solution


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  • Extended Wear Comfort: TIELLE ESSENTIAL Silicone Foam Dressing offers up to 7 days of wear, providing continuous and long-lasting wound care for enhanced convenience.
  • Pain-Free Changes: Experience reduced pain and trauma during dressing changes, ensuring a comfortable and gentle transition for patients undergoing wound management.
  • Comprehensive Solution: This all-in-one silicone-bordered dressing streamlines the wound care process, simplifying the application and removal steps for healthcare professionals and patients alike.
  • Non-Stick Design: The silicone perforated layer is designed to prevent the dressing from sticking to the wound, facilitating painless and gentle removal while preserving the wound's integrity.
  • Optimal Fluid Management: TIELLE ESSENTIAL™ ensures effective fluid management, creating an environment that promotes healing by maintaining the ideal moisture balance for the wound.

Elevate your wound care with TIELLE ESSENTIAL™ Silicone Foam Dressing, available in a box of 10. Designed for extended wear of up to 7 days, this advanced dressing prioritizes patient comfort, reducing pain and trauma during changes. With its all-in-one silicone-bordered design and a perforated layer to prevent sticking, TIELLE ESSENTIAL™ simplifies wound care. Experience pain-free removal and optimal fluid management for a comprehensive and effective approach to advanced wound care.

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