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Upgrade Ostomy Care with New Image Two-Piece System – 12 Inch Length, Drainable, Easy Closure and Emptying

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  • Comfortable Wear: The New Image Two-Piece System features a 1-sided comfort panel, ensuring a comfortable and irritation-free experience for ostomy patients.
  • Effortless Closure: Utilize the Lock 'n Roll closure for easy and secure sealing – simply roll it three times in the same direction, press from the middle out, and feel the seal for added peace of mind.
  • Easy Emptying: Lightly pinch the sides of the leak-proof outlet for easy control of content flow, ensuring a hassle-free and mess-free emptying process.
  • Odor Barrier: Benefit from an effective odor barrier with rustle-free film, providing discretion and maintaining a pleasant environment for the user.
  • Drainable Design: The 12-inch length pouch is drainable, allowing for convenient and efficient emptying, enhancing the overall user experience for individuals with an ostomy.

Elevate your ostomy care routine with the New Image Two-Piece System – a 12-inch length, drainable pouch designed for comfort and convenience. Experience a comfortable wear with the 1-sided comfort panel and ensure a secure seal with the Lock 'n Roll closure. Easy emptying is achieved with a leak-proof outlet, offering control of content flow. The rustle-free film provides an effective odor barrier, ensuring discretion and a pleasant experience. Upgrade your ostomy care with this efficient and user-friendly two-piece system.

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