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Urinary Drain Bag Dover™ Anti-Reflux Valve Sterile 1000 mL Plastic

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  • 45 Inch Tubing
  • Pediatric Collection Devices
  • 1000mL pediatric application
  • Integrated collection system for both ureteral and bladder urine collection
  • Double-bag keeps urethral and bladder urine separate
  • Ureteral catheter adapter accepts 4 Fr. to 8 Fr. Catheters, I.V. and feeding tubes
  • Breakaway safety feature disconnects ureteral catheter when pulled
  • Closed-system aspirating port Permits repeated fresh urine samples; the urethral catheter irrigation port may also be used for specimen collection
  • Universal hanging device Fits easily over bedrail and serves as carrying handle
  • It is not left attached to the patient and is drained and disposed of as needed
  • WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -