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Valley Products

Valley Products Cotton Twill Tape Durable and Versatile Medical Dressing Securer

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4 Inch x 36 Yard Non-Sterile


8 Inch x 36 Yard Non-Sterile


2 Inch x 36 Yard Non-Sterile


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  • Durable Cotton Construction: Crafted from high-quality cotton, Valley Products Cotton Twill Tape ensures durability, providing a reliable solution for securing various medical dressings.
  • Versatile Ribbon Style: The ribbon-style design allows for multiple wraps around bandages, ensuring a secure seal, making it ideal for wound dressings or foam dressings without a border.
  • Multiple Uses: Beyond dressings, this cotton twill tape serves various purposes, including repairing hospital gowns, showcasing its versatility in healthcare settings.
  • Extended Lifetime: The highly durable material ensures a longer lifetime, making it a cost-effective choice for healthcare professionals seeking reliable and long-lasting solutions.
  • Convenient Width Options: Available in three widths, this twill tape offers added convenience, allowing users to choose the most suitable size for their specific application needs.

Valley Products Cotton Twill Tape is a durable and versatile solution for securing medical dressings. Made from high-quality cotton, this ribbon-style tape ensures a proper seal by allowing multiple wraps around bandages. With multiple uses, including gown repairs, and three convenient widths, it offers extended durability and flexibility for various healthcare applications. Each roll measures 108 feet, providing ample material for multiple usages.